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The range of services offered by Bodywear Consulting is divided into 6 main competencies, each of which goes to different depths. In all areas, we work according to holistic approaches and exploit every relevant potential to ensure continuous development.

Our key competencies are always up-to-date and adapt to the circumstances individually so that the best possible solution can be achieved. The core of our qualitative advice and analysis is quantitative market data and benchmarks – thus any assessment can also be proven measurably.

Each company has its own identity and correspondingly different requirements. From the very beginning, the Bodywear Consulting team explores your corporate culture and, together with you and your team, creates a course for success with measurable results at every milestone.

Whether as a retailer or manufacturer, you benefit in a collaboration through more than 20 years of successful consulting. This makes us international industry experts and allows our customers access to market surpassable conditions.

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Competence 1: Retail

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The German market for bodywear is currently generating around EUR 5 billion a year – trend is rising.  However, mono-label stores benefit from those numbers mostly, as well as vertical trading. Bodywear retailers and individual bodywear areas in fashion houses must thus optimise in a contemporary way in order to remain competitive in the future.

For the consumer, it is much more than just meeting needs – they are demanding a shopping experience and tailor-made sales advice that complements their digitally acquired product knowledge.

With more than 25 years of consulting experience, Bodywear Consulting is the ideal partner for you when it comes to successful and efficient bodywear departments.

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The tried-and-tested BCD consulting concept includes four main services that build on and harmonize with each other: Analysis, planning, consulting and continuous optimization. Throughout the entire consulting period, BCD will evaluate your KPIs on a monthly basis – your department will be continuously optimized and analyzed so that, among other things, opportunities and potentials can be immediately identified and exploited. As a full BCD consulting partner, you benefit from extraordinary supplier conditions. In addition, BCD consulting can also be customized to your needs. As a project consultation or a soft version of the BCD consulting concept - no matter what, we will set the course together with you and accompany you to your destination!ine the course together with you and accompany you to your goal!

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POS Planning

Bodywear Consulting Dizayn accompanies you with targeted department planning to increase returns. Down to the smallest detail, we make sure that the share of goods group shares are precisely aligned with the area and at the same time create a breathtaking ambience for your customers. The strengths of your company are set to a new level by square metre-accurate analyses of the new area and the best possible results are drawn from the potentials of your surface.

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Based on the location and end-user analysis, BCD creates a marketing plan that is most effective for your department. The plan will be adjusted to your budget and expanded with possible measures. BCD works closely with the industry to give you the best possible result. In addition to general marketing planning, we also create interesting concepts for fashion shows and lingerie evenings. From the booking of the models to the choreography, BCD takes over the entire implementati

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Process - 80/20

Bodywear Consulting stands out from the classic style of consulting and develops constantly optimized processes and approaches that are reflected today and oriented towards the future. The BCD team knows that it is not the big who eats the small, but the fast who eats the slow.

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Competence 2: Suppliers & Production

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``Consumers have too many choices these days and need to be constantly reminded that you exist.`` In order for a marketing strategy to be successful, it needs to be implemented in a complex, realistic and consistent manner over time. The message should focus on developing the awareness of your brand and building trust around that brand.

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Sales structures

We live in a time of constant and rapid change. This makes it all the more important that the industry, too, continuously optimizes its distribution structures. The classic sales structure is dying out and a new era of sales is advancing: Digital, rapid implementations and multichannel.

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Product & production

An important component of a functioning brand is efficient production from optimally selected procurement markets. Bodywear Consulting Dizayn A.S. works closely with various production facilities and knows the prerequisites needed to ensure a smooth, professional process between the sales market and the procurement market.

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Competence 3: Seminars & Workshops

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“The miracle is a question of training.” – The constant transfer of knowledge has a major impact on the development possibilities of each individual. Further education allows for a high competitive advantage and also increases motivation and the drive for personal self-fulfillment.

BCD offers interactive workshops and trainings on different topics, focusing on gaining and refresh specialist knowledge, as well as implementing what you have learned. In addition, we offer a number of lectures on topics such as digitalization or trends and forecasts in the bodywearmarket.

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Competence 4: EDI & Product Management

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Competence 5: Controlling

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With the help of recording your EDI data, we can evaluate or optimize your department in our back office and carry out further implementations.

Monthly reports are sent to ensure that the area performance remains apparent to the retailer. Regular in-house consultant days are also offered in complementing to contribute to the success of the area.

With the BCD Trading Information System and our benchmark, as well as through continuous, international market observations and industry analyses, we achieve accurate evaluations at all levels.


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Competence 6: Entering the German market

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Entering the market into a foreign country for the manufacturer is particularly interesting and demanding. In the German bodywear sector in particular, a high demolition rate can be observed. This is not surprising – lingerie is a complex topic, especially because the sexes worldwide react so differently to it and – unlike fashion – there are countless fits and sizes!
Many foreign (and domestic) manufacturers dare to enter the market and withdraw after a very short period of time. Be it due to the excessive competition that already occupies the market or simply due to insufficient preparation. Each company has its own identity and correspondingly different requirements. From the very beginning, the Bodywear Consulting team explores your corporate culture and, together with you and your team, creates a course for success with measurable results at every milestone.


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