Bodywear Competence Training

This workshop takes place at your bodywear department!

Bodywear Competence Training

  • You will learn professional sales advice in the changing room and the interpretation of non-verbal communication.
  • Big cups will no longer be a problem!
  • You will feel save in all cuts of the lingerie.
  • We will show you how you can awaken customer needs and increase sales with additional product sales!
  • You will be able to sell high prices with ease!

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Guarantee: Can be implemented for any bodywear department!

Specialist knowledge

The contents here include imparting or refreshing the most important knowledge of bodywear.

Sales Training

Bodywear requires professional and personality-specific sales advice to customers. You will also also overcome psychological hurdles and objections of customers if their clothing size changes.


“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” – We will train all theoretical points with the sales team directly on your POS.


  • You’ll awaken customer needs and think in outfits. We show you how to achieve additional sales!
  • You will become more sensitive again and as a result you will recognize opportunities and potentials and can act quickly accordingly.
  • Very few bodywear departments are able to handle large cups safely. Be one step ahead of the competition!
  • The workshop is tailored to your POS. We train with the sales team directly at your store – this helps immensely in the later implementation of the techniques!
  • Get to know the worst mistakes you shouldn’t make while you help our customer in the changing room!
  • You will receive a workbook with examples for immediate use to sell your products.

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What particularly impressed me about the workshop was that we were not only trained theoretically but also practically!

Yasmin Dick, Modehaus Garhammer

Frau Steck kann die einzelnen Personen sehr gut analysieren; ihr kann man nicht's vorspielen!

Sabine Lischwe, Modehaus Küster